Design description:

Designing a house in foreign conditions is not always an easy undertaking. For Sha Residence, the architects had to familiarize themselves with a coastal town of Der Es Salaam, known as ‘the house of peace’.

Located a few kilometers from the Inner City, the philosophical underpinning of this 570 m² alteration & addition, stems from the notion of a ‘peaceful house’, as the name of Dar Es Salaam implies.

From a functional stance, the architect altered very little in terms of the floor plan layouts of organization designed by local architects. The architect’s primary objective was to implement a re-design of the façade using timber screens to enclose the entire façade, while sliding windows and doors could be left open, allowing the house to breathe in the warm and humid coastal climate. This altered façade also makes use of board marked concrete walls, floors and a roof that frames the timber screens. Though the screens have great visual impact they also help protect against the wind and can be folded away to enlarge the space and enhance the view. The screens also reference the traditional partitioning devices and local use of perforated breeze-soleils of the Modernist Architecture.

The ground floor has glass sliding doors which creates the effect of a floating upper level. Positioned in the North East corner of the stand is the lanai with a minimalist black tiled rim flow swimming pool.

Though the main renovations focused on the exterior, the interior was also later redesigned by M Square Lifestyle Design. The interior alterations were made to the double volume lounge, dining room, kitchen, guest bathroom, guest bedroom, children’s bedrooms, main bathroom and main bedroom. The theme of slated wood was carried through from the exterior to the interior and incorporated in different ways, while the light colour palette of the different rooms were tailored to the client’s request.

The architecture aims to enhance the local aesthetic while introducing some contemporary

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