The location of this three-storey project in Durban North is afforded a discreet view of the ocean to the north east. Situated on a sloped property with an existing colonial style house and the luxury of a tennis court, the new proposed residence replaces this edifice with a contemporary and minimal rendition of a coastal house.

Perched on landscaped plinths, the ground storey is clad in a dark basalt stone, implying the notion of being cut from the earth, while the first storey establishes a monolith of timber and concrete. The conceptual approach developed from the notion that the exterior and interior become independent spaces while they coexist. The only connection these two have is through natural light. The two timber containers nestled inside the first storey angled concrete frame become small framed zones for living.

They are extensions of the Bedrooms that face north, making full use of the northern orientation. The bamboo screens are stackable in order to completely alter the volumetric dimension of the house. These spaces are simultaneously private and public while always offering a light filtered solution. The approach was as much about the exterior appearance as it was about the functionality of light internally.

Extending from the living spaces is an expansive lanai which, as a result of the property’s elevation and landscaped plinths, is afforded beautiful panoramic ocean views.

This house is an experiment in coastal living with the proposal of materials and dynamism of an altering façade to suit living styles and conditions

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