Moscow Residence

As far as innovative architecture goes, Nico van der Meulen Architects has always aimed to renew our design framework and outcomes, while respecting the milieus of a project as well as the clients’ requirements.

This residence in the Barvikha Forest, in Moscow was designed by Nico and Werner van der Meulen and provided a generous platform to design an organic piece of architecture that is as much a product of the landscape as it is a response to it.

The circular flowing building proved to be quite a challenge from the onset as the brief required a contemporary residence that imposed boundaries, becoming an internalized private dwelling, encasing a portion of the landscape in its outer shell.

The roof of the internalized dwelling, as well as the lines of the rest of the building, exist of levels, slopes and curves which creates a flowing feeling that further accentuates the complexities of the circular design, while also maintaining the connectivity between the internal dwelling and façade.

These graceful flowing boundaries constructed of white steel sheet metal, white pigmented concrete pads and bases, served as the fundamental spatial and aesthetic devices in achieving the desired outcome of the client and architect.

The lighting of the building was placed strategically to highlight the planes created by the steel cladding, as well as lighting up the residential road leading up to the house.

The back of the building breaks away from the expected completion of a circle, instead forming half a moon as it curves around the backyard area of the house. Large glass plane covers most of the back of the house, allowing for a wide view of the surrounding areas.

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