Mooikloof Heights

The house in Mooikloof, was designed by Nico himself from the onset, dealing directly with the client as to the functioning of the house, layouts and various iterated sketch plans. The house is located adjacent to our highly successful House Boz.

The stands in the Mooikloof Estates are quite large and expansive, with our stand in question being a Northern entry stand. This resulted in a driveway from the North all the way along the Western edge of the stand to the southern private edge of the house, thereby allowing sufficient northern landscaped areas.


As a result of the large stand, the house assumed a very elongated and linear layout and form from east to west. This is perhaps one of the most ideal layouts, affording all the rooms in the house adequate daylighting all year round, as well as satisfactory ventilation for passive living.


The Sketch Plans were further developed by Werner van der Meulen, as well as the rigorous development of the 3D Design, marrying the plans to the spatial experience of the house. The aesthetic is quite embedded into the context, with the house being clad with natural stone and rusted steel panels framing apertures in the façade. The materials speak to the taste of our client, as well as the context.


From the 3D Design phase, we proceeded to the Working Drawings, undertaken by Chris Clarke & Siyabonga Dlamini. These drawings again underwent various stages of iteration in order to not compromise on the design and living requirements while adhering to budgetary requirements as well.

It was at this time that MSLD was commissioned to transform the Interior spaces of the house. The initial design, coordinated by Werner, was a powerful response and extension of the exterior, pulling in deep earth tones and masculine materials with delicately balanced design elements which are highly functional.  Phia van der Meulen enhanced the design as the project started to develop and take shape on site.

Construction has taken about two years with internal shopfitting being completed and various other finishing contracts being commissioned. Further to our regular architectural and interior duties, we offered and extended our services into the field of landscaping for this project. We feel Landscaping is tied to Architecture as most buildings have an immediate context and we are in control of it. The house is the base which connects to the landscape so, then why don’t we design it to suite the architectural language?

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