Glass House

Casablanca Residence

Casablanca Residence
Designed by
Nico van der Meulen Architects

Casablanca Residence

House Casa Blanca.

The owner of this five storey 2800sq.m. modern residence in Casa Blanca, Morocco,  approached Nico van der Meulen Architects when the construction was already underway to redesign the exterior and design the interiors.

As the plan was a box shape just about filling the stand from side to side the solution Werner van der Meulen came up with was to create a screen made from through-color fiber-cement panels to add visual interest and depth.

This solution also helped to create sun control in the very hot climate, keeping the sun off the glazed walls.

Using a lot of glass and replacing some of the concrete with a steel structure assisted in creating a more contemporary and less solid appearance.

Roof gardens were created on several levels, greening the structure and helping to reduce the heat island effect of the huge concrete structure while softening the starkness of the structure.

The interiors is a sophisticated medley of natural materials, glass and steel.

Interesting lighting design creates an intriguing nighttime ambience through the use of light and shadow and dramatic back lighting.

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