Berula View Apartments.

The Berula view residential development consist of several different apartment types, ranging between 80 and 130sqm.  The developer requested that the first two floors of the development consist of the smaller two-bedroom apartments with larger penthouse units on the top floors.  The penthouse apartments open out onto a larger outdoor entertainment balcony with magnificent northern view overlooking a nearby dam.

The facades where design to stand out from the surrounding building.  The fins on the northern and southern facade are unique to each apartment block type with the intention of bringing variety to an otherwise repetitive apartment typography.  Suncontrol was incorporated into the northern facades.

The apartments blocks where rotated in order to efficiently utilise the tight site, while allowing for ample parking. The juxtaposition between the different apartment blocks resulted in the creation of landscaped gardens and pedestrian walk ways.

A red face brick was used to give the apartment building a distinctive residential feel while the geometry lends itself to a timeless contempered astatic.

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