Algarve Residence is located in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. It stands at a size of 861m² and was designed by Nico and Werner van der Meulen.

The client brief consisted of a contemporary take on the traditional Portuguese home resulting in a structure with steel detailing which work to create a further dimension to the façade of the house.

Werner’s design decisions were based on the area, climate and circumstances of the site. Combined with the client’s brief, the eventual design was heavily based on vertical lines as can be seen in the louvre details that highlight the structure.

The vertical lines of steel are also notable on different sides of the house where they partially cover the glass that would’ve otherwise stood exposed. The steel acts as both decoration for the façade of the house, as well as substituting screens to provide privacy for the occupants while still allowing light through.

The interior of the building contains a kitchen, living/dining area, atelier, cinema room, store room, laundry room, clay room, technical room, an indoor kids pool, gym room, yoga area, two atrium, two bathroom, two bedrooms and a triple door garage, all situated on the basement level.

The ground floor contains six bedrooms, all with their own en-suite with one of the bedrooms also containing a walk-in closet.  Attached to one of the bedroom has a children’s room and playroom attached.

Lastly, the first floor has a kitchen, dining room, large living area, bathroom and library. Outside, a large deck stretches out to the front and sides of the building with various scattered dining and lounging areas.

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