This is our first newsletter of the year and it’s hard to believe that almost 20% of the year is already gone!

Several of our projects are due to take off soon, and amongst others, a spectacular home in Steyn City, a major project in Bryanston, a contemporary residence in Dainfern, as well as a beautiful, nature-infused house at Rietvlei Dam.

Currently a sizeable residence of 3000sq.m in Sandhurst is progressing well, and the roofs will be going up in the next month.

Another large residence in Pretoria and one in Mooikloof Heights are also nearing completion in the next few months and we will share these with you in upcoming Newsletters.

Furthermore, we have completed another project in Waterfall and expect to complete two more by mid-year.

At the end of 2018 a project was completed in Blue Hills Estate with a further two projects presently under construction.


After nearly 25 years our reception area required a fresh look to reflect our current philosophy and introduce new clients to our designs. Many of the original furniture pieces in this space were handmade by me or built by one of our talented sub-contractors, but after all this time it was necessary to re-think the space.

We commenced with demolishing most of the internal fittings and a few of our regular sub-contractors are busy installing their specialist components. We look forward to welcoming you into our new reception area in about two months’ time.


The House in Glenhazel is a 2017 completed project that incorporates our favoured steel, glass and concrete palette. It is characterised by a geometrically textured concrete wall, consisting of individual tiles/slabs fixed to a flanking wall that draws one from the street entrance into the house.

It features a well-crafted exterior façade with two cantilevering steel frames, housing bedrooms over the open plan living areas and carefully crafted around an internal courtyard volume to allow for adequate daylight deep into the home.

M Square Lifestyle Design have also left their mark throughout the home, most notably in the living spaces with an abstracted Cubist Mild Steel staircase floating in the double volume family room.


Over the years we have had the opportunity to design many homes/buildings in the DRC, with the most recent being last year where we experimented with a new 1200 sq. m 3-storey Kinshasa residence.

As a 3-storey house on a relatively level stand imposes quite a large image onto passers-by, the aim was to reduce this effect. By creating a floating roofscape on the 3 rd storey, while the mid-level becomes the base for this lightness, we are binding the entire level with bands of dark grey limestone and interwoven planting/hedges.

The residence will definitely attract attention between the 1960’s homes in one of the most prestigious streets in Kinshasa.

Another project underway, C&S Headquarters, is a more commercial project located in the heart of one of the largest industrial areas in Lusaka, Zambia. The design of the street facade acts as a gateway to the office as well as the industrial compound located at the back of the property. The primary materials used in the design comprise of concrete and steel lipped channels. LED strip lights are incorporated at random intervals into lips of the channel which add depth to the design.

The buildings are set back from the street to form parking bays, as well as creating opportunity for street side landscaping.

In Lubumbashi a major renovation has started, as well as a new 1100 sq.m. residence, while in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, one of our projects was completed last year and two others are approaching completion over the next few months. Currently we are completing the drawings for the ten houses complex as mentioned in the December 2018 newsletter.


Commencing design work in the new year is always a refreshing exercise after a December break, and we have been hard at work on a 1500 sq.m House in Sandhurst. Situated on a 14 000 sq.m stand, this project is a completely new build, demolishing the existing home behind the lush, landscaped garden and forested enclaves.

The new house is a 3-storey construction, underpinned with the conceptual notion of water and stone and the natural sublimity that it conveys. The upper levels consist primarily of reinforced concrete while the lower levels are open plan areas with interwoven waterways, water features and swimming pools. We are currently completing the construction drawings for this project.


As we continue to develop projects from 2018, commence new projects in 2019 and meet new clients, it is our aim to deliver on the promise of good architecture in 2019.

Buildings become architecture when they transcend the visual aesthetic that has become the norm in our society. Architecture is manifested in the moment of sublime spatial quality and experiences, as well as comfortable living environments, structured and unique programming of functions.

We want to enhance the work that we are doing in 2019 with this ethos, and to keep delivering well designed homes

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