Newsletter – June 2018 (Demo)

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter.

The new year has brought exciting developments, opportunities and interesting projects.

We take great pleasure in welcoming  Michael Zietsman, Chris Clarke and Justin Coetzee, previously introduced in earlier editions of our newsletter, as Associates  at Nico van der Meulen Architects.

The intention of our newsletters is to give an insight into the process of designing your home, sharing projects in progress and providing glimpses into our innovative team.

Designing a house is a complex process that requires a lot of thought and dialogue between the Architects and  Clients to enable us to understand our clients needs and aspirations, and to ensure the completed project suit their lifestyle.

Yo Residences

To ensure this, a clear and precise brief of  their requirements is highly recommended.

Though there are no right or wrong answers, we can only try to balance the preferences or requirements of a client with what could be practically done.
Parking vs greenery or the choice between having more space in front of house vs the back of the house, all contribute to the final outcome and carry their own consequences.
That being said, the more involved the client can be with the design process, the more it encourages the designer’s ability to discuss different design options which in turn greatly enhance the quality of the final product.


After completion of the sketch plans, a time period of four to six weeks is allowed in which to develop a 3D model, and as the house develops in 3D, it is natural for the designers to do alterations to the floor plants.

We recommend regular updates or meetings between the clients and designers to discuss the expectations, design development and to obtain critical imput from the clients’ side and it allows us time to clarify any concerns and discuss the benefits of each decision we make.

Our clients’ quality of life is of utmost importance and as such, the decisions we make during the design stage will play a great role in the final experience.

It is important to explore every possible option to ensure that the final product is the best possible solution for our clients’ specific requests as well as the environment.

Over the course of the next couple of months’ newsletters we hope to provide you with meaningful insights into the development, construction and completion of some of our local and international projects over the course of the next few months’ newsletters.


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