A Note on Contemporary Architecture (Demo)

Contemporary architecture has been likened to modern art on a greater scale; after all, what is a house but a blank canvas?


Once you have the walls, windows, doors and a roof one is able to play with the lines, spaces and overall design. This is where architecture firms like Nico van der Muelen come into the picture.


They take the basics and, following the trope of form following function they create a visual spectacle of contemporary architecture design.


The architecture practice looks at the basic living spaces that we need and creates a contemporary architectural masterpiece that blends the design seamlessly into the buildings surroundings.


By utilizing natural lines and manipulating them they have given the homes they design a unique look and feel – one that many international and local clients desire in architecture needs.


With influences that range from neo-classicism to the avant-garde architecture of Bauhaus in the 19th Century the architecture practice is able to eloquently create a structure that is more than a building or a home, it is a piece of contemporary art that will stand the test of time.


The designs that are being created in the luxurious offices, settled in the leafy northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa represent the classical and the contemporary in a perfect combination of the two.


Not only do the houses that the architecture practice create show the bones and soul of the industry and the ethos that everyone at the architecture practice, Nico van der Muelen subscribes to, but they are individual representations of the people who inhabit them.


Each design is the highest quality example of contemporary architecture and architectural art, from the materials used and the overall aesthetics of the final design that will eventually become a reality.


Many people are unaware that when architects design a building they are designing a lifestyle that comes to life in the manipulation of lines and space. That the exterior of the building feeds and influences the interior, the contemporary architecture that comes out of the practice manages to marry the two concepts perfectly.


The spaces that Nico van der Muelen creates are a functional representation of an artistic vision that encapsulates the genre that is contemporary architecture.