Deadline – November 2017 Newsletter (Demo)

Welcome to this month’s edition of our company newsletter.

My Name is Christopher Clarke, and I have the privilege of being a Professional Architect at Nico Van Der Meulen Architects.  I have had the opportunity to get involved in all stages of the architectural process whilst working closely with Nico, Rudolph and Werner van der Meulen.

Our most notable piece of news this month, would be the launch of our new website.  Our team worked tirelessly to bring you an easy to use site, with some special new features.  With it comes a newly added search function to find your favorite projects faster, more videos and the website is now completely mobile friendly with social sharing platforms.

We recently completed an interior design & decor photoshoot for a project in Sandhurst, which featured in the November issue of SA Homeowner Magazine.  House Sandhurst was a challenge for the Designers, as the client’s requests had to be integrated without making any changes to the exterior appearance of the home. M Square Lifestyle Design and M Square Lifestyle Necessities worked together to give this home its new look.


Click here to view the full feature on the Residence in Sandhurst.

In this newsletter we thought we will give you some insight into the thinking processes employed when selecting the optimum property stand.

In order to find a suitable stand we must first determine in which area the site will be located.  In most cases this is a very personal decision that hinges on the economics of your situation, particular needs and requirements.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we orientate our buildings towards south to take advantage of the sun.  The opposite is done in the Southern Hemisphere where we orientate our houses to the north.  In the Southern Hemisphere, we maintain that the best stands generally have a south-entry.

North-entry stands are challenging on small stands as the driveway takes away a lot of potential outdoor living space.  On larger stands this is less of a challenge because we are able to circulate around the building and enter the house from the south.

On an east or west-entry stand, we would normally try and position entry from the centre of the southern side of the house to avoid long passages.


The selection of the stand for House Zimbali situated in Ballito, designed by Rudolph and myself, was driven by the clients requirement of 180-degree ocean views. The building was designed to ensure the site was utilised to its full potential.


A good example of a south-entry stand is House Dainfern (above) designed by Werner, and House Beau (below) designed by myself and Michael. 


These two projects capitalise on their south-entry stand by positioning the building as close as possible to the southern boundary, thus creating a private garden on the north side, with indoor/outdoor living typical of contemporary houses.

Co Residence

North-entry stand – The approach of circulating the driveway around the building was used when designing CO Residence. 


East or west-entry stand – This approach is demonstrated with the design of Residence Baza, designed by Rudolph and Justin.

With the aid of our professional and passionate team at Nico van der Meulen Architects &
M Square Lifestyle Design, we are confident that we can draw out a stand’s full potential.  If you would be interested in Nico assisting you with your selections of a stand, please contact our team for more information.


We are eager to continue sharing our new and exciting projects with you via social media, as well as daily on goings at our studio such as our internal Archi-chef competition (Pictured above), social investments like Mandela Day, charities, community projects, etc.  For more of our favorite things please visit our Instagram account.